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In general, I will be using the categories in my Bibliography for the structure of my writings. I have listed the prospective blogs for the first section: The Empire Context. If you want to know when I am posting the blogs, click the ‘like’ beneath the wide picture at the top of the Facebook page (also titled Subversive Church ) and you will be notified when they appear. (Alternatively, click Following, then select Turn on Notifications and you will be notified when a new blog is posted.)


1. Help!
Found here

I Context: Empire and Kingdom in the First Century

A Caesar and his Empire of Rome
2. Why Empire Scholarship? Found here
3. Empire: Foreground of the New Testament Found here
4. The Roman Imperial World Found here

B Jesus and his Kingdom of God
5. Kingdom- Alternative to Empire: I Introduction  Found here
6. Kingdom- Alternative to Empire: II In Richard Horsley Found here
7. Kingdom- Alternative to Empire III  Baptism As a Politically Subversive Act  Found here

II Text: The New Testament in the Empire Setting

In the Shadow of Empire
Empire in the New Testament
Notes from Two Books on Empire

B Specific books of the New Testament
Matthew from the writings if Warren Carter
Galatians from the writings of Brigitt Kahl
Empire’s Effect on Nine Later books,
Hebrews through Revelation, by Cynthia Westfall

III Empire in history and today
Empire and the Barbarism of Civilization: John Dominic Crossan
Civilization, Cage or Trap: Michael Mann and Ronald Wright
The Great Turning: David Korten
The American Empire and the Commonwealth of God: A Political, Economic, Religious Statement, Griffin; Cobb; Falk;Keller.
A Short History of Progress, Ronald Wright

IV Empire context implications for the church today
The Underground Church, Robin Meyers

V Guest posts
A Forrest Curo: A Note Re Systemic Evil   Found here