Blog Outline

Here is the outline of my plan for writing about Subversive Church. It is a work in progress.

I’m relying on the extensive recent biblical scholarship in the first two centuries of the Jesus Movement in the Roman Empire as the basis of phases I and II. In phase III, I add the work being done today by those who point out ’empire’ in our time. In phase IV, I am looking for examples in today’s church where we find a passion and vision for restoring the followers of Jesus to a movement (Kingdom of God) in resisting that present empire. I have added a phase V which is a collection of posts I wrote before this blog began and includes material based on both Empire and Meals (DC) biblical research. I have used the symbol * to indicate works that I see as being of major importance.

Update on my other two topics:
Net Prophets– I am bringing it up to date from the work I did several years ago.
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Dinner Church– I turned over the two Facebook pages I started and maintained to a group of younger leaders in the Dinner Church Movement. I still have the D. C. blog, but I’m not adding anything to it currently.
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1. Help!
Found here

I Context: Empire and Kingdom in the First Century

A Caesar and his Empire of Rome
2. Why Empire Scholarship? Found here
3. Empire: Foreground of the New Testament Found here
4. The Roman Imperial World Found here
5. Books on Imperial Religion Found here.

B Jesus and his Kingdom of God
6. Kingdom- Alternative to Empire: I Introduction  Found here
7. Kingdom- Alternative to Empire: II In Richard Horsley Found here
8. Kingdom- Alternative to Empire III  Baptism As a Politically Subversive Act  Found here

II Text: The New Testament in the Empire Setting

9. A Review of 3 Books on the Roman Empire and the New Testament  Found here
10. In the Shadow of Empire  Found here
Empire in the New Testament
An Introduction to Empire in the New Testament

B Specific books of the New Testament
Galatians from the writings of Brigitte Kahl*
Matthew from the writings of Warren Carter
Empire’s Effect on Nine Later books,
Hebrews through Revelation, by Cynthia Westfall

III Empire in history and today
The Great Turning: David Korten *
…and forgive them their debts: Lending, Foreclosure and Redemption From Bronze Age Finance to the Jubilee Year: Michael Hudson *
Empire and the Barbarism of Civilization: John Dominic Crossan
Civilization, Cage or Trap: Michael Mann and Ronald Wright
The American Empire and the Commonwealth of God: A Political, Economic, Religious Statement: Griffin; Cobb; Falk; Keller.
A Short History of Progress: Ronald Wright
Empire and the Christian Tradition: Kwok, Compier, and Rieger
This Changes Everything: Naomi Klein

IV Empire context implications for the church today
Everything Must Change: Brian McLaren *
Faithful Resistance: Gospel Visions for the Church in a Time of Empire,
Rick Ufford-Chase *
Eucharist and Globalization: Redrawing the Borders of Eucharistic Hospitality: Cláudio Carvalhaes *
The Underground Church: Robin Meyers
The Great Spiritual Migration: Brian McLaren
The Fall of the Church: Roger Haydon Mitchell

V Articles on Empire and Dinner Church (DC) that I had written prior to establishing this blog
1 A New 21 Century Theology? here
2 A Tale of Two Religions here
3 In the shadow of Empire here
4 The Genesis of “Kingdom or Empire” here
5 What’s in a Name or Title? here
6 Musing About the book, Subversive Meals (DC) here
7 Review: Subversive Meals (DC) here
8 The Genesis of Subversive Meals (DC) here
9 Sources of Renewal of the Local Church here
10 A New/Old Model for the Church here
11 From Net Prophets to Empire to Greco-Roman Meals here
12 Dinner Church Movement (DC) here
13 Dinner Church Movement: Our Mission (DC) here
14 Dinner Church Comes to Bethel (DC) here
15 “Feel the Yearn” (DC) here
16 Dinner Church at Pemberley (DC) here
17 The Importance of Keeping Up on New Testament Scholarship here