Addendum of articles

1 A New 21 Century Theology? here
2 A Tale of Two Religions here
3 In the shadow of Empire (E) here
4 The Genesis of “Kingdom or Empire” (E)  here
5 What’s in a Name or Title? here
6 Musing About the book, Subversive Meals (DC) here
7 Review: Subversive Meals (DC) here
8 The Genesis of Subversive Meals (DC) here
9 Sources of Renewal of the Local Church here
10 A New/Old Model for the Church here
11 From Net Prophets to Empire to Greco-Roman Meals (DC) (E) here
12 Dinner Church Movement (DC) here
13 Dinner Church Movement: Our Mission (DC) here
14 Dinner Church Comes to Bethel (DC) here
15 “Feel the Yearn” (DC) here
16 Dinner Church at Pemberley (DC) here
17 The Importance of Keeping Up on New Testament Scholarship here