Contemporary Empire Scholarship tells us that the Roman Empire was the “foreground of the New Testament”; the context for the early Jesus communities. We have learned from previous Biblical scholarship that the primary teachings of Jesus focussed on the Kingdom of God; this was the central issue in the text that community was developing, namely, the New Testament. The intersection of Kingdom and Empire tells us the primary issue for the first century Christians. Knowing that, we are left with the question “What, then, should be the major issue of the twenty-first century Church?” Hence, the title of my blog and Facebook page: Subversive Church.

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Note: The ‘Resist’ header was borrowed from the blog of Tom Lawson
In it he describes that the word was used by the French Resistance.
“The worship of the church is a gathering behind enemy lines to reaffirm loyalty to a foreign power and to receive messages that will send men and women out to sabotage the enemy and to recruit more into the resistance.  To those who stand at the doors and urgently whisper to those leaving, “Don’t go overboard. Fit in. Play it safe,” comes the answer of the church, “We will not.” “