SNAPSHOT: “Faithful Resistance”, Ufford-Chase

From Publisher

“Is it possible for a church that has been at the heart of Empire for as long as we have to make a course correction and move intentionally from the center of Empire to the margins?”

Rick Ufford-Chase has touched the deep longing that exists in so many of us who are Christian in the United States, and responded with ideas that offer a future we know God has in store for us but can’t seem to imagine is really possible. This is a book we should read and discuss with friends who share our longing and are ready to take a risk. If this book stays in our heads, it fails and we fail. If we use it as a springboard for daring, it is quite likely to change everything about being church in the heart of Empire.

Fourteen contributing authors offer their own ideas for ways to move the Christian church to a place of faithfulness in the midst of the empire, and Rick adds his own observations about the compromised condition of our church institutions with concrete suggestions for bringing us home to the heart of the gospel. Contributors: Annanda Barclay, Michael Benefiel, Aric Clark, Linda Eastwood, Alison Harrington, Rabia Terri Harris, Jin S. Kim, Alex Patchin McNeill, Brian Merritt, Ched Myers, J. Herbert Nelson, II, John Nelson, Laura Newby, Germán Zárate. Foreword by Carol Howard Merritt.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Carol Howard Merritt     7

Introduction     11

Part One: Church in the Heart of Empire

Chapter 1: Confronting Empire at the Border     25

Can Anything Good Come From Nazareth, by Alison Harrington

A Church of the Third Slave, by Rick Ufford-Chase

Chapter 2: Dismantling White Supremacy     41

Black. Lives. Matter., by Annanda Barclay

The Fight for the Soul of the Church, by Rick Ufford-Chase

Chapter 3: Reimagining Ecological Theology     57

Watershed Discipleship, by Ched Myers

Inhabiting the Land, by Rick Ufford-Chase

Chapter 4: Learning Nonviolence in a Multifaith World     71

Mutual Dependence or Mutual Destruction, by Rabia Terri Harris

Coming Down from Our Pedestal, by Rick Ufford-Chase

Chapter 5: Resisting the Seduction of Silence     87

Welcome Is More Than a Statement, by Alex Patchin McNeill

The Courage of Our Convictions, by Rick Ufford-Chase

Part Two: Gospel Visions

Chapter 6: The Local Congregation as the Locus of Resistance    103

What is Worship?, by Brian Merritt and Mercy Junction

Be Not Afraid, by Rick Ufford-Chase

Chapter 7: Theological Education as an Act of Subversion     110

Taking Back The Church, by Laura Newby, Jin S. Kim, and John Nelson

A Pedagogy of Resistance, by Rick Ufford-Chase

Chapter 8: Mission as a Move to the Margins     139

Standing With El Tamarindo, by Linda Eastwood and Germán Zárate

To The Edge of The Empire, by Rick Ufford-Chase

Chapter 9: Institutional Church as an Expression of Solidarity    158

Beyond Connectionalism, by Aric Clark

There Is No Fear In Love, by Rick Ufford-Chase

Chapter 10: Dismantling the Corporate Church as a Step Toward Liberation      175

A New Way Forward, by J. Herbert Nelson

Small But Fierce, by Rick Ufford-Chase

Conclusion: Everything In This Story Is True                   196

Bicycle Quilt Village, by Michael Benefiel

Our Jubilee Moment, by Rick Ufford-Chase

Acknowledgments     209

Contributor Bios     210

Author Bio     219

Ufford-Chase, Rick. Faithful Resistance: Gospel Visions for the Church in a Time of Empire  Kindle Edition.

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